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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Art of Meaning in the Everyday - Breathing Space Blog

I recently re-read LifeCraft: The Art of Meaning in the Everyday by Forest Church, Beacon (1999) which contained some eye-opening assertions.The author says that to a greater or lesser degree everyone shares the following characteristics. They are:

* Self conscious about their appearance

* Feeling guilty about things that they have done or have failed to do

* Sometimes have a hard time accepting themselves or forgiving others

* Have secrets which they feel may betray them at any moment

* Fail in ways that matter both to themselves and their loved ones
   ...despite success in other aspects of their lives

* Feel stressful, as if happiness is fleeting.

* Worry about aging or concerned with dying

* Have been betrayed

* Wonder what is the meaning of life.

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