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Friday, November 08, 2019

Book Review: Emotional Longevity - Breathing Space Blog

A mini review of Emotional Longevity by Norman Anderson

    Why do optimists have lower blood pressure and heightened immunity? Why have studies found asthmatics breathe easier after writing down traumatic events? And how is it that good relationships are a buffer against everything from heart disease to the common cold and religious observance so often goes hand-in-hand with longevity

    Norman Anderson, CEO of the American Psychological Association, believes in a new approach to health as a way to understand longevity. Instead of the traditional view of physical health, Anderson says the interaction of six "well-being" factors can explain the differences in longevity.

        1) biological
        2) psychological
        3) behavioral
        4) economic
        5) religious/spiritual
        6) emotional

    * He argues that there must be a scientific explanation for why some people recover from serious illness such as a heart attack while other patients remain disabled.

    * This multifaceted approach goes beyond the increasing acceptance of nontraditional medicine; it is an entirely new way to approach life, with specific medical support.

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