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Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace

Is the crushing burden of information and communication overload dragging you down? By day's end, do you feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted? Would you like to be more focused, productive, and competitive, while remaining balanced and in control?

Author Jeff Davidson says, "If you're continually facing too much information, too much paper, too many commitments, and too many demands, you need Breathing Space."

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Breathing Space Blog

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Effective Helpers add to Breathing Space - Breathing Space Blog

When you have good help on board, your own sense of Breathing Space increases. For example Christie Ray Harrison who has helped me in various capacities is a conscientious worker who gets the job done. Among 100's of her peers who I have known, she is among the best of the best!

Christie is a self-starter who stays focused on the task at hand. When I need to tackle a tough project, with Christie on my side, I have a lot going for me. With her broad-based education, determination, and grit, she is destined to be a leader in her field. So, look for the Christie's of the world and watch your Breathing Space grow.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Right Job with the Right Tools - Breathing Space Blog

Jerry Gitchel, president of Make Technology Work, explains the right tools for the right jobs for staying in touch with customers and associates.

* Instant Messaging from a computer or cell phone -- best for a quick answer to a specific question.

* Telephone -- best when used to brainstorm with others and for providing feedback on emotion and tone. It lacks the ability to archive or easily share info with a third party.

* Email -- best for frequent non-urgent communications if you remember that they are not private. Easy to forward, lasts forever.

* The web -- best when used to publish timeless information as desired for current or future customers or associates.

* Audioconference -- best for real-time communication and collaboration, enhanced when used with web-based documents.

* Online conferences -- best when you need to add video capability to a group event. Lacks continuity between separate events.

* Online collaboration -- best when used to create a comprehensive project management solution requiring document management, web publishing and/or support data, including images and video.

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Thursday, May 04, 2017

No Smoking: Breathing Space for All - Breathing Space Blog

Percentage of the U.S. adult population who smoke based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention :

• 1965: 42.4%

• 1970: 37.4%
• 1974: 37.1%

• 1980: 33.2%
• 1985: 30.1%
• 1990: 25.5%

• 1995: 24.7%
• 2001: 22.8%
• 2004: 20.9%

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Equal to Your Tasks - Breathing Space Blog

"Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers equal to your tasks."
                          ~ Phillips Brooks

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Let Go and Prosper - Breathing Space Blog

Speaker Joe Calloway says that we all need to let go of erroneous notions. Joe's mantra: "I need to let go of..."

* comparing myself to others
* trying to meet someone's expectations other than my own
* doing it all myself
* only telling my clients what they want to hear
* thinking it's all about getting spin-offs or more jobs
* playing small

* not trusting my own opinion
* working with people I can't stand
* pretending like I'm president of a big company
* stepping over dollars to pick up nickels
* not having fun

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Too Chilling - Breathing Space Blog

"Cyberspace, not so long ago, was a specific elsewhere, one we visited periodically, peering into it from the familiar physical world. Now cyberspace has everted -- Turned itself inside out. Colonized the physical." William Gibson

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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Financial Retirement Decisions - Breathing Space Blog

20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now by Ray LeVitre is a nifty book that rightly contends, you alone are in control of your retirement future. The book helps you to answers vital questions such as:

* Do I have enough money to retire now?

* When should I begin taking Social Security?

* How can I best handle my medical expenses during retirement?

* Do I still need my life insurance policy?

* Does it make sense to pay off my mortgage? and many more.

Jeff Davidson - Expert at Managing Information and Communication Overload

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