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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Deskmanship This Day - Breathing Space Blog

Is your desk always piled high with papers? Do you fear that the situation is hopeless? Well, there are ways to make your desk a more efficient work area. Simply follow my "ten commandments of deskmanship"

1. Thou shalt clear thy desk every night.

2. Thou shalt continually Refine what goes on thy desktop.

3. Thou shalt Not use thy desk top as a filing cabinet.

4. Thou shalt predetermine what belongs Inside thy desk.

5. Thou shalt keep 20% of thy drawer space Vacant.

6. Thou shalt Furnish thy surrounding office to support thy desk.

7. Thou shalt take Comfort when at thy desk.

8. Thou shalt keep Clean thy desk and thy surrounding area.

9. Thou shalt Leave thy desk periodically.

10. Thou shalt Honor thy desk as thyself.

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