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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Notes from Ritual: by Emma Restall Orr - Breathing Space Blog

Notes from Ritual: A Guide to Life, Love, and Inspiration by Emma Restall Orr

* In our busy modern schedules, rituals are often seriously lacking.  Yet, they can bring richness and meaning to our daily habits.

* We can use rituals to bring the sacred into everyday life.

* A walk through the park or lighting a candle to welcome the day allows us to reconnect with each other and our own psych.

* In an era when many of us live far from our families and most people don’t know their neighbors, rituals offer a feeling of community and belonging.

* Rituals enrich our sense of who we are both individually and collectively. 

* Rituals can be easily adapted to suit any event or occasions and fit within any reader’s own spiritual tradition. 

 * Rituals can be devised to celebrate a marriage, welcome and name a child, deal with grief, deepen our creativity, heighten our sexuality, enhance our mealtimes, and energize our lives throughout the life cycle.

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