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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Have Some Breathing Space - Breathing Space Blog

What would it be like to be beamed back to 1820 with an iPod in your hand? No one would know anything about these devices. You might be deemed a sorcerer or witch. Today, we know that much of what we do not understand or cannot see exists, i.e., ultrasonic waves, television remote control, smart phones, CAT scans, and black holes to name a few of thousands of examples.

Suppose you were beamed to the year 2030 and told that you could handle all of the information confronting you, never need to feel behind, and feel the clock slowing down. What's more, suppose you were told there was no reason to have headaches, or that you could approach nearly everything in your career with grace and ease, because it was possible now. Would this be sorcery? Not really, because each of these capabilities are possible today.

While no one lives a life of complete Breathing Space, there are some among us who recognize the limits of our days, weeks, years, careers, and lives, versus the infinity of that which competes for our time and attention. Even in tough situations, if you have a vivid portrayal of what you face, you can map out an approach that will bring you to higher ground.

During the darkest days of World War II, when London endured the Blitz (fire-bombing) and many citizens feared they would become slaves to the brutal Third Reich, Winston Churchill assessed this ultimate challenge, and concluded what he had to do to be triumphant (drag the Americans into the war). He then proceeded to do precisely that.

None of the Breathing Space concerns that you face in your career or your life are insurmountable, although they might be annoying and relentless. To have Breathing Space in your life requires regularly practicing Breathing Space principles. You wouldn't take a bath once a week whether you needed it or not; you clean yourself often. The same is true with having Breathing Space. 

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