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Friday, March 09, 2018

The Daily Bombardment - Breathing Space Blog

The average person is bombarded daily by more information than he or she can even comprehend. With each passing second on Earth more than 200 years worth of information becomes newly available, based on average human viewing, reading and listening speeds.

Each time we open another magazine, turn on the TV, visit a website, receive an email, get today's mail, and engage in any other information or communication-related activity, we are adding to the heap of information and communication that we've already acquired. The onslaught is never-ending and the potential danger is insidious.

Too many people today represent vast warehouses of uncategorized and un-assessed information. We are virtually walking “incompletion units” with so much undone, and it is taking a toll on our psyches. Whether or not we understand the phenomenon, the mental strain of living in an era of unfettered information and communication flow is considerable. We must take comprehensive steps to gain or regain control. We need to make effective decisions, stay competitive and productive, finish our work on time, and have a life for the rest of the day.

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