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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Partnerships Worth Exploring: - Breathing Space Blog

Have you ever thought about teaming up with a coach to receive the big-picture type of guidance that you might not otherwise be getting on the job? Considering the kinds of things you want to achieve on the job and throughout your career, could a coach be helpful for you? The late Psychologist Harry Olson said that virtually all professional and Olympic athletes have personal coaches to help them perform to their maximum potential and deal with competition.

The better such athletes become, and the more elite their status, the more they need and rely on coaches. Why? Because the higher they rise in their fields, the more critical their moves become, and the more vital personal feedback becomes in avoiding mistakes. A personal coach offers the competitive edge! And, the enhanced potential to achieve Breathing Space.

Many high-achieving career professionals, with the aid of coaches, mentors, or other advisors devise strategies to ensure success and to capitalize on new opportunities. Olson said that a career coach can help "diagnose and sort out your situation and opportunities, offer new strategies for dealing with office politics and competition, and help you with vital stress management skills."

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