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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Right Job with the Right Tools - Breathing Space Blog

Jerry Gitchel, president of Make Technology Work, explains the right tools for the right jobs for staying in touch with customers and associates.

* Instant Messaging from a computer or cell phone -- best for a quick answer to a specific question.

* Telephone -- best when used to brainstorm with others and for providing feedback on emotion and tone. It lacks the ability to archive or easily share info with a third party.

* Email -- best for frequent non-urgent communications if you remember that they are not private. Easy to forward, lasts forever.

* The web -- best when used to publish timeless information as desired for current or future customers or associates.

* Audioconference -- best for real-time communication and collaboration, enhanced when used with web-based documents.

* Online conferences -- best when you need to add video capability to a group event. Lacks continuity between separate events.

* Online collaboration -- best when used to create a comprehensive project management solution requiring document management, web publishing and/or support data, including images and video.

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