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Friday, June 28, 2019

Slowing Down is Good for You - Breathing Space Blog

Joseph Bailey in his book “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life,” has some profound observations. “My enjoyment of life has everything to do with being ‘in the moment’ and that the only thing that keeps me (or anyone) from being fully in the moment is our misunderstanding of the nature of our own thinking -- how it pulls us away from the moment, confuses us, and stresses us."

"I realized that everything I ever needed is right here, right now -- as long as my thinking doesn't carry me away from this moment. I learned that there is nothing in the future to rush off to that can offer me anything more than this precious moment that you and I are in every instant. I realized that, more often than not, my mind is somewhere else -- a past regret or a future worry, anywhere other than right here."

"My first reaction to this insight was to feel a deep sense of peace. I felt like I did in the happiest days of my childhood. I felt relaxed, at peace, fulfilled, satisfied. At the same time, however, this message made me uncomfortable for two reasons. First, it was too simple. The answer had been right under my nose all my life."

"Why had I been searching so hard and stressing myself out in the process? I felt stupid and foolish. Second, as a teacher in my field, I felt not only that I had misled myself by running on the treadmill, but that I had done the same to hundreds of clients and professional colleagues as well. We had all been innocently searching outside of ourselves.”

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