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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Book: Lions Don't Need to Roar - Breathing Space Blog

A classic worth revisiting: Lions Don't Need to Roar, by D. A. Benton, Warner Books (1992)
You could also say lions don't need to race around frantically, as well!

From a 26-year-old review: Leadership-development expert Debra Benton interviewed and observed more than 100 CEOs, COOs, and company presidents to see what made them successful. "Top people are not magical, blessed, or dramatically different from you or me. They simply have skills and outlooks that the rest of us may not have - but can get."

Far from stodgy, top people:
▪ Like to tell stories that convey a point;
▪ Smile and laugh often;
▪ Know when (and how) to physically touch others;
▪ Often ask for favors, knowing that it makes people feel important.

Benton also debunks myths. Plain old energy isn't necessarily a key to success, for example. People who project "frantic" energy -- those who rush about, maintain rigid time schedules, or wolf down their sandwiches -- don't get far. The successful develop a relaxed energy that lets them work long hours, concentrate on complex problems, and focus on the matter at hand.

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