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Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Breathing Space Institute Platform - Breathing Space Blog

January 1, 2015:  The Breathing Space Institute Platform
        Replacement-level human population is the practical and ethical approach to ensuring a sustainable quality of life on this planet – for human beings and other remaining species. Responsible parenting is the most important element of society.

        As producers of information, each of us needs to control the amount of data we offer to others so as to not inundate or overwhelm them. As consumers of information, we need to be discriminating about what we ingest and realize the counterproductive impact of taking in more information than we can reasonably assimilate.

Media Growth
        The need for responsible reporting has never been more critical. Even among supposedly high reputation media outlets, politically biased, tabloid, and innuendo journalism is tearing at the fabric of our society. Media professionals and their audiences must overcome the prevailing  predisposition of focusing attention on 1) disasters, 2) scandals, 3) personal attacks, and 4) news that fails to convey a balanced view of society. 

Paper, Paper
        Paper still remains the medium by which most information in our society is distributed. Each of us faces the challenge of adopting new measures to limit the amount of paper on our desks. Such measures include more selectively targeting message recipients, limiting the length and frequency of messages, and recycling.

An Over-abundance of Choices
        No one benefits by being confronted with more choices than he/she can sensibly consider. As producers, we need to offer appropriate choices that best serve consumers. As consumers, we need to ignore many of the choices confronting us.

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